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Aantal berichten : 1385
Leeftijd : 50
Localisation : Leiden
Registration date : 27-07-08

BerichtOnderwerp: ontvoerde bisschop   do nov 29, 2012 8:48 pm

Citaat :

To all the clerics, deacons and faithfuls of the Sacrum Romanorum Imperium Nationis Germanicae, especially in the Archbishop of Siena,
To all the officers and nobles of the Empire, in particular working into the senese lands,
To the representatives of institutional charges inside the Holy Aristotelian Church for the Imperial lands of the SRING,
To all the citizen and visitor into the Imperial lands,

we, Our Eminence Mgr Edoardo Borromeo Borromeo Galli, Cardinal and Metropolitan Archbishop of Milan, Italian Vice-primate and Imperial Religious Advisor, being the First Vice-primate of the CESE/SRING and representing the Bishops of the Primacy of the SRING, want to express our firm condemnation to the pirates who had kidnapped the Emerit Bishop of Modena, H. E. Nevea Isadora Borgia, in the sea close to Orbetello.

We command such people to imediately set the Bishop free and repent of their sins to Our Lord, begging for forgiveness and soon going to the local Archbishop, H. E. Valentino "Astuzia" Borgia, to attend a confession, then to the local authorities to submit to the temporal justice.

Whoever will do any injury to one of the clerics of the SRING, involved as victims in this or in another unfortunate event, will receive the blame of the whole Church and all the needed connected measures.

May the Most High ever protect His Sons and drive the wandering minds to the Way of Wisdom.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam

H. Em. Mgr Edoardo Borromeo Borromeo Galli
Cardinal and Metropolitan Archbishop of Milan
Italian Vice-primate and First Vice-primate
Imperial Religious Advisor

Written in Rome, on the 29th day of the 11th month, in the Year of Our Lord MCDLX.


Bisschop in partibus van Antinoë  *** Ritter Teutoonse Orde
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